The meeting will be held on 15 April 2024 and can be attended in person as well as online. Items on the agenda are the Report of the Board of SAAT 2023, the consultation of DRH’s with respect to the voting items on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting of Triodos Bank N.V. (AGM) on 17 May 2024 and an explanation on how SAAT intends to vote. The agenda of the AGM of Triodos Bank will be published on the website of Triodos Bank on 12 April 2024.

All DRH’s are encouraged to attend this meeting and discuss the items on the agenda.  SAAT will use the ABN AMRO Corporate Broking Portal to make the registration, proxy and voting process more convenient for the Depository Receipts Holders. This service is used by a large number of listed companies and will be available in different languages. 

ABN AMRO will send an invitation to register for the DRHM by email or letter to Depository Receipts Holders today.

Further details for this meeting can be found on the SAAT website here:

More information about ABN AMRO's Corporate Broking Portal can be found in our FAQ