SAAT's meeting took place over a month before Triodos Bank's AGM on 17 May 2024 to ensure Depository Receipt Holders can have a real influence on SAAT's vote at the AGM. This also means that, based on this voting statement, Depository Receipt Holders have ample time to give SAAT a voting proxy or otherwise vote themselves.

After explaining and discussing each agenda item, SAAT concluded to vote in favour of all items on the agenda of Triodos Bank's AGM.

A detailed explanation of SAAT's choices can be found via this link, the full meeting can be listened to via this link to the webcast of the SAAT meeting. The webcast can be listened to in Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish.

SAAT’s voting statement regarding voting items on Triodos Bank's AGM agenda

2 d.Adoption of the annual accounts 2023For
3 b.Dividend for 2023For
4 a.Discharge of members of the Executive Board in office during the financial year 2023 for the performance of their duties during 2023For
6Authorisation of the Executive Board to acquire shares and depository receipts for shares in Triodos Bank N.V.For