The main topic of the announced webinar is to inform DR Holders about the consequences of the decision to implement a “one share, one vote” model (see also Meeting Depository Receipt holders of SAAT votes for “one share, one vote”) and suggested changes in governance of SAAT which are necessary as a result of this decision. This new governance model changes the role of SAAT significantly.  

In a letter to the DR Holders SAAT explains:
“The decision on 23 March to adopt the “one share, one vote” model fundamentally changed SAAT’s role. Before that date, SAAT used to vote on behalf of all Depository Receipt holders; in future it will only do so on behalf of those Depository Receipt holders that have given their express instructions to do so.  All Depository Receipt holders can now acquire a proxy from SAAT. That gives them the opportunity to cast their votes at Triodos Bank’s AGM as they deem fit, significantly increasing their power to directly influence the bank’s policies.”

Full letter: An explanation of the proposed changes (PDF)